Discover Europe in a sensual and glamorous tour!
Let´s prepare a BDSM experience adapted to you!

Open the door to your curiosity, Come and discover all!
The best clubs are waiting to be discovered, offering thousand unbelievable imaginating sensations.

A world of games and exclusive sensations to open people
Don’t continue to wish... just do it. Make it real at the highest level.

Curiosity to experiment?
Plan an unique opportunity far from your social circle… follow us!

Curiosity to experiment?
Plan an unique opportunity far from your social circle… follow us!

Club DomRoom, your BDSM club in Valencia

We organise your BDSM experience: travel, company, training and BDSM courses.

An imersion in the liberal world of Europe with UNIQUE hosts. A personalized trip, with all the care you deserve and in the most absolute privacy. If you are selective this is your place.

Club DomRoom offers you to discover all what you want in Europe at the highest level, an “a la carte” trip, knowing all the BDSM from the beginning. It doesn’t matter at what level you are, from young or mature beginners, to experienced ones looking for extreme practices or simply swinger.

Club DomRoom gives you security with our experience in this LIFESTYLE. Choose duration, destinations and activities and we will prepare all for you, since your arrival enjoy the best experience!

Alone, as a couple or with friends this exclusive trip will change your lives!

Renew passion, live your fantasies, DARE!

Live your BDSM to your measure:

Let’s bring you to the best swinger clubs and BDSM dungeons in Europe, dare…

  • Spain
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Bélgium
  • England
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Malt

BDSM travel packages:

Just explain us your wishes and we will take care of all. Always with the highest discretion and personalized treatment.

    • 3 days en Domroom Dungeon
    • 3 days Swinger Tour in Europe
    • 1 day of rest
    • Weekend Swinger Party in Spain
    • 3 days in DomRoom Dungeon
    • 3 days of Swinger in Europe
    • 1 day of rest
    • Option A: Weekend Swinger in Spain, 4 days in DomRoom Dungeon, 2 Days of swinger in Europe, 5 Days of Yacht Trip along the European Coast, Weekend Swinger in Europe + 1 Day of Rest
    • Option B: Weekend Swinger in Spain, 4 days of DomRoom Dungeon, and 2 Days in each European city (with their respective parties and swinger activities or BDSM) + 1 Day of Rest
    • Personalized option:Countries at the traveler's choice + 1 Day of Rest
Accomodation BDSM Trip:

Accomodation BDSM Trip:

The lodging you choose: apartment or private house, 5 star hotel or with hosts of your level, we adapt our proposal to your desires and possibilities.

BDSM training and courses

BDSM training and courses

We have courses for professionals both Submissive and Dominant, for beginners, couples and Dungeon managers.

Gastronomy and Tourism

Gastronomy and Tourism

Secondary options to the main trip (BDSM), but the perfect alibi for family and friends.

Open my Domroom Dungeon

Open my Domroom Dungeon

Do you want to open your own dungeon? We will help you grow your business into a successful profit center.

Fill out our form to receive a BDSM travel proposal that suits you. We want to provide you the unforgettable experience.